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Margaret Reilly McDonnell
February 05, 2018

2017: A Year of Impact

2018 is going to be a BIG year. In fact, it’s shaping up to be one of our most impactful years yet.

But before we forge ahead, first I want to take a moment to pause and reflect. We wouldn’t be able to help protect so many people from deadly mosquitoes without support from our Nothing But Nets community.

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Champion Guest Blogger
February 05, 2018

Our Shared Responsibility to Protect Each Other

We live in a world where almost 430,000 people die annually from a preventable, mosquito-borne disease called malaria. Children, pregnant women, and refugees are at highest risk for contracting this disease. But there is no excuse, considering that it is 100% preventable.

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Champion Guest Blogger
January 08, 2018

I Refuse to be Idle in the Fight Against Malaria

While sympathizing with those who have contracted or are at high risk for contracting malaria is important, I believe it is our responsibility as human beings to take a more active role in the fight against it.

I, for one, refuse to be idle while over a million people succumb to this preventable disease each year.

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Champion Guest Blogger
December 04, 2017

Nothing But Nets Gave Me a Voice

To me, there was a pleasant simplicity in the idea that $10 can provide a bed net - that $10 can, quite literally, save a life. With this message, I was inspired to teach others about Nothing But Nets and show my community that such a small act can go a really long way.

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Dan Skallman
November 27, 2017

Leading the fight against insecticide resistance

Bed nets have been—and continue to be—one of the most crucial factors in this progress, helping to prevent millions of new malaria cases and dramatically reducing deaths, particularly among young children. Despite these successes, however, the mosquitos that transmit malaria are very clever, continually adapting to the new tools and technologies rolled out to combat them. An emerging challenge currently facing the global malaria community is insecticide resistance, meaning that in certain parts of the world, these mosquitos are becoming less susceptible to the insecticides designed to kill them and to interrupt transmission of the parasite.

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Kelly Herman
November 21, 2017

Teaming Up With Intuit in the Fight to Defeat Malaria

We recently teamed up with Intuit, a business and financial software company based in Mountain View, CA, who featured Nothing But Nets as their highlighted charity during their monthly We Care Wednesday event. The event, which was made to mimic a professional basketball game, made the 100+ attendees feel like they were part of all the action in a fun and vibrant way, taking place on Intuit’s basketball court with music and stadium-style snacks.

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Champion Blogger
November 15, 2017

Why I Joined the Fight to End Malaria

My involvement with Nothing But Nets first began in 2015 while I was working on the Sustainable Development Goal framework as a member of a Major Group at the United Nations. After the meeting, I continued the conversation with youth, many of whom had been significantly affected by malaria. 

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Guest Blogger
November 10, 2017

Malaria and Our Military

Throughout this week of remembrance for our military members and veterans, it is important to recognize the adversaries our servicemembers face beyond those we traditionally expect.

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Champion Blogger
November 09, 2017

Join Nothing But Nets to Help End Malaria!

Not many people realize that 90 percent of deaths from malaria come from sub-Saharan Africa. As the youngest continent, Africa needed a new sense of urgency to combat many of the gaps and challenges it faced, especially malaria.

This conversation led me to look into malaria from a science and global health policy perspective, and indirectly led me to get involved with Nothing But Nets.

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Jacci Guy, Dan Skallman
September 27, 2017

With PMI Expansion, More Children Will be Protected from Malaria

During a high-level side event at the United Nations General Assembly meeting last week, in one of his first engagements as USAID Administrator, Ambassador Mark Green announced the expansion of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), which is the U.S. government’s leading effort to combat the global scourge of malaria.

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