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Corporate Partners - Together We Can End Malaria

Our private sector partners drive progress in the fight against malaria by raising awareness and funds for lifesaving resources through creative, engaging, and impactful employee- and consumer-facing campaigns. Learn more here:

Partners in Protecting Lives

Partnering with Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets corporate partners are critical in the fight against malaria. Through multi-faceted partnerships that engage stakeholders throughout their business communities, corporate partners raise awareness and funds to protect families, provide peace of mind, and save lives around the world. 

Joining Nothing But Nets as a corporate partner aligns your brand with a globally-recognized organization that helps elevate your business as a leader in corporate responsibility that is committed to protecting vulnerable families from malaria, a deadly but completely preventable disease.

For more information about how your company can get involved, please contact Jonathan Kidwell, Partnerships Officer at

“Another defining aspect of our business is our partnership with Nothing But Nets. From inception, creating a socially responsible business was imperative to me. Parachute delivers great sleep for our customers, and in turn, provides safe sleep to families in Africa, by sending life-saving malaria nets to those in need. Every two minutes a child dies from malaria — we are thrilled to be making a positive impact to change that staggering statistic.”

– Ariel Kaye, Founder, Parachute Home

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